"JoAnn LaVecchia is excellent. Good sense of humor, very clear, great knowledge of subject"  
"I thought JoAnn was very enthusiastic, very thorough and knowledgable of the subject; she is this course at Gaston College"  

"JoAnn is a wonderful teacher, gifted to teach, great personality"

"I have enjoyed the course and feel I have increased my knowledge of real estate"

"JoAnn is a great teacher and very knowledgeable! The practice information she brings to the classroom is very valuable to novices"

"JoAnn was very interesting and presented information in an understandable way. Her use of humor and real life examples, help me remember important facts"

From Gaston College evaluations -

She is very good at staying with the topics and going over subjects. I just wish she had more time for Q&A but that's not her fault. Just wish course was longer.


Very informative, professional, personable and caring.

Excellent instructor.

Love her.

She spoke clear and held my attention most times.


She is very good, friendly.


Was very happy and pleased with instructor.

JoAnne was an awesome instructor.

Joanne is wonderful and amazing - very knowledgeable.

Applied knowledgeable real life situation on real estate topics.

The instructor did very well.

Joanne has a ton of expertise and knowledge. The course materials are a little dated.

Very enthusiastic. Very knowledgeable. Wish she would explain in greater detail.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and able to relate class topics to real life scenarios, which was beneficial.

Enthusiastic, sometimes difficult to follow on instruction, otherwise sufficient to pass.

Was very satisfied wit lead instructor.